165. Healing Our Past with Janelle Hardy

"Writing your memoir can be an incredibly healing experience. I think this because a memoir is not an autobiography. It's not a linear list of the things you've done in your life from start to finish." — Janelle Hardy
In This Episode:
  • How memoir-writing can be a transformative and healing process
  • Why Janelle Hardy tells her students to be open to being "wrong" about their life patterns
  • Writing versus thinking about our past stories
  • The good and bad about "reframing" past stories
  • Janelle's writing prompts to get us started

About My Guest:

Janelle Hardy is a writer, artist, and host of the Personal Mythmaking Podcast. For the past 5 years, she has integrated her expertise and training into supporting people in their creative healing work via the alchemy of transformational memoir-writing.

According to Janelle, writing our life stories allows us to tap into guidance that’s greater than ourselves. The process helps us make sense of our traumas and rewrite the narrative into an empowering, meaningful story.

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165. Healing Our Past with Janelle Hardy
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