185. Discovering a New and Different 'You' in Midlife with Diane Diaz

“Sometimes people will say, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can do that. I’m going to be 50 this year.’ And I like to say, ‘Well, you’re going to be 50 whether or not you do that thing. So why not just do the thing.'” — Diane Diaz
Most of the time, we try to plan for change rationally and meticulously. We think about what we want to do, where we want to go or end up, and how we want to go there. But there’s something to be said about serendipity. For opening ourselves to discovering a path we didn’t even know was a possibility. For holding plans loosely and setting a different intention than simply to arrive at our original destination.
My guest, Diane Diaz, did a version of this when she was laid off from her job in 2008, along with thousands of others who found themselves without a job due to the financial crisis. She already knew — before being laid off — that she wasn’t happy with her career. But it was a stable job with a stable income, so she didn’t rock the boat. Well, the boat was rocked for her, as it were. And when she was laid off, she took it as a “blessing in disguise”. 

But the interesting step she took after that was the equivalent of going to the train station and seeing what trains were available. Serendipity stepped in, and she found herself a new career, learning new skills and discovering a few things about herself she didn’t know about.

If you’re thinking of making any kind of change in your life, this conversation will inspire you and maybe even help you find some courage to go with the unknown to find what’s truly possible.

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185. Discovering a New and Different 'You' in Midlife with Diane Diaz
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