189. The Five Dimensions of Well-Being in Midlife with Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou

“One of the taglines we use in our programs is ‘Don’t grow old waiting.’ Life is too short. You are never too old to do anything. To fall in love. To start a business. To move to a new place. To change your life.”
If I were ever granted a do-over, one thing I would do differently is to take my well-being seriously.

Sadly, my well-being did not show up on my list of priorities when I was in my 20s, 30s, or even early 40s. In fact, I had previously confessed that the stupidest thing I ever said was, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Thankfully, some level of wisdom prevailed and I no longer think that way. Somewhere along the way, I learned the importance of self-care and about putting my well-being on my list of priorities

That’s why I’m so excited to host this conversation with Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou here on the podcast.

Ellen and Dominique are the powerhouse duo behind Wake-Up, Shake Up, Thrive and the co-authors of the book, “Wake-Up, Shake-Up, Thrive! How to Lift Up your Life in Your 50’s and Beyond”

Ellen and Dominique met at a conference where Dominique was a featured speaker. They hit it off, with their mutual love of good food and fine wine, and most importantly, their passion for supporting individuals and organizations to conquer age 50+ demographic challenges.

In this episode, Dominique and Ellen gave me a preview of their book and walked me through the five dimensions of well-being in midlife and beyond.

Dominique Ben Dhaou is a Swiss National who has been working in Human Resources leadership roles in international organizations for over 30 years. She has experience in 12 different industries across continents. As the Founder and Managing Director of PointNorth International, she helps professionals and executives reinvent a career that truly fits their experience, values, skills and purpose. Her passion for untapped potential goes far beyond conventional human resources practices.

Dominique's co-founder for Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive is Ellen Kocher. Ellen completed her undergraduate work in Economics and Finance and began her career as a Management Consultant. As a seasoned executive and senior manager, she faced the challenges of a busy working lifestyle, sprinting between responsibilities, deadlines, and travel. In 2003, Ellen decided to slow down her hectic job to care for her three children, giving her the opportunity to reassess her career-driven lifestyle. She lost weight and discovered her best new self through nutrition and lifestyle change.

  • Why it’s important to think of these dimensions as gears
  • The five dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional, intellectual, financial and spiritual
  • Quick actionable steps to incorporate these dimensions into our lives today
  • Why it’s literally “never too late” to start
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189. The Five Dimensions of Well-Being in Midlife with Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou
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