180. Minimize the Risk on Your Post-Retirement Business with Diane Tarshis (Un-Retirement)

“Are you going to build a house without a blueprint and just wing it and hope that everything works out okay?" — Diane Tarshis
Many midlifers plan on starting a business post-retirement. Starting a business of any kind is always going to be a climb. There’s usually a significant learning curve involved. And when you’ve been an employee most of your life (and don’t have any business experience) this learning curve can be even steeper.

I say this not to discourage anyone but to highlight the importance of doing our homework and walking into this new adventure with eyes wide open — even if the thing we want to do are the stuff of our dreams!

Converting those dreams into reality requires research and planning so that the dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Diane Tarshis is the Founder and Principal of Startup Distillery, a global consulting firm that has been helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses and secure funding for more than 20 years.

She works with clients who want to reduce their overall risk and compress their startup timeline so they don’t waste time when it comes to replacing their income. It’s about getting it right from the start.

  • Why preparing a business plan is REALLY important, regardless of business type
  • Different kinds of business plans (it doesn’t have to be a 30-page document!)
  • The most important form of research you can do (and it’s free!)
  • Key questions that you want to be able to answer in your business planning
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180. Minimize the Risk on Your Post-Retirement Business with Diane Tarshis (Un-Retirement)
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