Midlife is a time of unique transitions — from career changes and relationship shifts to health concerns and finding new purpose and meaning.  Join Lou Blaser on Second Breaks as she navigates the highs and lows of midlife with humor and heart. 

Featuring real-life stories and expert advice, consider this podcast your resource for handling unexpected turns and finding purpose in the second half of life. Tune in for practical tips, inspiration, and encouragement to help you thrive in the second half of life.

"Lou approaches her interviews from multiple perspectives and with such infectious curiosity. I come away feeling excited after each episode." 
★★★★★ Review

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215. [Dear Lou] Family Tension Following Retirement

I'm excited to introduce a new format for this episode, "Dear Lou", where I'll be sharing questions from listeners or readers of Midlife Cues, as well as my responses....

214. Living Our Legacy with Merle Saferstein

"An unexamined life is not worth living."  The famous quote has been attributed to Socrates, the person that many believe valued the pursuit of wisdom more than anyone...

213. [Curveball Series] When You're Forced to Retire From Your Corporate Career with Roberto Seif

"My entire profession changed drastically from one day to the other. And I started feeling like I didn't know where I fit anymore. I didn't know what I'm good at anymo...

212. How Our Definition of Success Change As We Get Older

In my younger years, I used to measure success based on external and quantifiable metrics. Job promotions, titles, salary, and material possessions were the yardsticks...

211. How Much Money is Enough to Be Happy in Retirement with Luke Mathers

If you ever thought that if you were set financially and money was no issue, you would retire immediately and just enjoy life, you might want to listen to this episode...

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