229. Can We Talk About Grief? with Charlene Lam

This episode is brought to you by We're All Getting Older, a publication and a community for midlifers who want to get better as they get older.

I am joined by Charlene Lam, grief coach, speaker, and founder of the Grief Gallery.

This is a wide-ranging conversation about "processing" our grief after the death of a loved one. We talked about the common feelings that show up during the grieving process, like guilt and regret. We discussed the topic of "moving on," what that even means, and how to differentiate between "normal grieving",  situations when you may need help, and the spectrum of care. Charlene also shared her unique approach to dealing with the belongings of our loved ones and how to reclaim the narrative and the stories we would like to remember and tell about them.




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229. Can We Talk About Grief? with Charlene Lam
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