181. What’s Life Like After Leaving the Corporate Life with Mary Beth Simon (Un-Retirement)

“I traded in the blazer for the denim jacket.” — Mary Beth Simon
We are at the tail end of this series of episodes where we’ve been looking into the topic of Un-retirement. And to close the series, I invited my friend Mary Beth Simon, whose post-retirement plans you heard about in a previous episode.

I sat down with Mary Beth to chat and compare notes about life post-retirement. Since both of us did end up starting small businesses of our own, we talked a little bit about the experience of launching our businesses. But most of the time, we were talking about the kind of people we’ve become after we left our corporate life.

After 30+ years in corporate financial services, Mary Beth Simon now uses her strategic talents as a keynote speaker and to coach entrepreneurs and individuals on creating their contingency plans to empower their second-in-command to keep business and life flowing smoothly in an emergency.

Mary Beth founded Niche Partnership Consulting because her clients’ transformations inspire her. She believes that the combination of continuous learning, growth, and change is the fountain of youth and recently became a certified Les Mills BodyFlow instructor.

In this episode, Mary Beth and I compared notes about how life after our corporate jobs “matched up” with our plans, the personal changes we’ve gone through since we’ve left the structured life of corporate America, and Mary Beth’s plans for the future.

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181. What’s Life Like After Leaving the Corporate Life with Mary Beth Simon (Un-Retirement)
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