183. Therapy or Coaching: What Kind of Help Do You Need with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“Do they have similar lived experiences? Having similar experiences, especially when it comes to life coaching and business coaching, is important.” — Nicole Lewis-Keeber
The idea of seeking and getting help has become more acceptable in society, in general. More people today are open to talking about their experiences. And the stigma for getting professional help has greatly been diminished, if not entirely eliminated.

There has been an explosion in the field of coaching over the last few years. And the result of all these newly-minted coaches is that getting coached, in all aspects of life is now relatively accessible for more people.

So, the upshot is professional help is more accessible, and more people are getting help. If there’s an area in your life that you are having difficulty with, chances are, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you address or overcome the issues.

The challenge with more options is that we now must decide what kind of help we need. Who do we see for what kind of problem? How do we select, and what can we expect from the experience?

All that is the subject of today’s episode and to help me understand the landscape, I’ve invited Nicole Lewis-Keeber who is just the perfect person to chat with about these things!

Nicole is in a unique position to shed some light here because she is a licensed clinical social worker - who worked for many years as a therapist. Then, she went on to get different kinds of coach training and became a mindset coach. So today, she is both! Although she’s directed her professional work toward the business landscape and her clients call her the “business therapist”.

  • How therapy differs from coaching
  • What kind of help you can expect from a therapist vs a life coach
  • The intersection of life coaching and business coaching, and where the lines get blurred
  • The limits within these fields
  • Nicole’s tips for selecting the right professional help

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183. Therapy or Coaching: What Kind of Help Do You Need with Nicole Lewis-Keeber
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