187. The Milestones We Must Celebrate in Midlife with Dara Goldberg

"We don't know to give value to some of these epiphanies or life-changing and developmental moments because nobody else told us they had value." — Dara Goldberg
As we get older, there's a tendency to recognize fewer and fewer personal milestones.

As my guest, Dara Goldberg, pointed out, "It's as though once we hit midlife, all growth has stopped." 

But by not marking and celebrating milestones, we are, in effect, supporting the prevailing narrative out there that we disappear as we age, that it’s all downhill from here, and that everything good is in our past — all these narratives that, of course, we are rebelling against.

We are inadvertently helping keep those narratives alive by not marking, not celebrating, and not even talking about our milestones.

We have a chance and a role to play here, so we can change that.

Dara Goldberg is a proud middle-aged entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and Founder of the Lovin’ Midlife Movement for Women. She’s known for her passion and work to dispel the misconceptions about women’s experience of midlife and beyond.

She’s also well known for her work with pro-age beauty brands to get the rest of the beauty industry to stop pushing the false notion that a woman’s beauty declines with age and has an expiration date.

In this episode, Dara explains what milestones she is specifically referring to, the difference between event milestones and developmental or growth-based milestones, and how we can support ourselves and others as we get older in celebrating our milestones.

This was such an eye-opening conversation for me, and I know you will find it insightful as well.

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187. The Milestones We Must Celebrate in Midlife with Dara Goldberg
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