196. What and When is Midlife with Bernie Borges

This week's guest is Bernie Borges, Producer and Host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. Bernie shares his perspective on what (and when!) midlife is — which is quite non-traditional, bordering on controversial! I expect it will generate some reactions, no doubt. I’m also sharing my own thoughts and definition of midlife. Although not dissimilar from Bernie’s, it has minor differences.

It’s important that we adopt a broader definition of midlife because how we view midlife has significant implications on how we live the second half of our lives.

In addition to producing and hosting the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, Bernie is Vice President, Global Content Marketing at iQor, a leading BPO. He’s an Advisory Board member at Vengreso and at the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Certification Program. Bernie resides in Florida with his wife Jean. They're empty nesters with two adult children living up north. Bernie's favorite title is "abuelo" which is what his grandson calls him.

  • Bernie’s perspective on what midlife is and isn’t
  • We talked about the benefits of thinking broadly about midlife seasons.
  • The importance of taking a broader perspective on how we define midlife
  • We discussed the difference between happiness and fulfillment
  • Bernie shares his observations about midlife fulfillment, from interviews from his podcast

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196. What and When is Midlife with Bernie Borges
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