198. [Curveball Series] Delayed Reactions with Stephanie Dethlefs


We don’t always recognize a curveball when we get hit by one. We don't see that we need to change and make some adjustments. Instead, we ignore it, deny it, or fight to keep things status quo. That is until it becomes glaringly obvious that some change is required.

In this episode, I chat with Stephanie Dethlefs, whose curveball resulted in a change in her career and the identity that came along with doing that work. But these changes didn’t happen as soon as her curveball hit. She spent many years fighting to maintain a balance until she couldn’t anymore.


Stephanie Dethlefs is a writer, certified book coach, teacher, and lifelong avid reader. She has spent decades working with writers of all ages in the classroom as a teacher and now as a book coach, where she’s finding her own voice and holding space in which others can find their own. Stephanie is the author of the middle-grade novel Unspoken and the host of the Let’s Write Your Novel! podcast. She lives in Pacific NW Washington with her family, two cats, and a spunky pup.

Stephanie’s website: Hello Writers (make sure to grab her freebies)

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198. [Curveball Series] Delayed Reactions with Stephanie Dethlefs
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