202. [Midlife Well-Being] Intermittent Fasting with Laurie Lewis

This is the first episode in a series on Midlife Health and Well-Being.

I am joined by Laurie Lewis to discuss the benefits of intermittent fasting for midlifers and particularly for women going through menopause. As an expert on the topic, Laurie shares her personal experience with menopause and how intermittent fasting helped her. We also delve into the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight as we age, the impact of processed foods on our health, and the benefits of fasting beyond weight loss, such as improving energy levels and managing health conditions like diabetes. Throughout our conversation, we emphasize the importance of listening to our bodies and finding a fasting routine that works for us, as well as establishing a healthy relationship with food and our emotions.

Laurie Lewis is an Intermittent Fasting Coach, Author & CEO of Fast Forward Wellness. Laurie’s Intermittent Fasting is the antithesis of dieting, and she has made it her mission to help other women find their way out of the typical traps of diet culture and into a dream come true -- eat the foods you love and enjoy the rest of your life feeling vibrant and well.

Laurie is passionate about changing the conversation around IF and sharing all the incredible benefits fasting can have for people outside of the realm of weight loss. Utilizing the fasting principles of Gin Stephens, Dr. Jason Fung, and Dr. Bert Herring, Laurie takes on individual clients - both celebrities and everyday people, as well as leading her group programs live online and is the author of the acclaimed book Celebrating Your Vibrant Future.

  • We talk about the relationship between aging, menopause, and weight gain.
  • Laurie discusses the benefits of fasting beyond weight loss, such as improving energy levels, managing health conditions like diabetes, and optimizing the body's natural design.
  • Laurie outlines the basic elements of a "clean fast" and explains what an eating window is.
  • Laurie suggests a way to ease into an intermittent fasting practice.
  • I share my own experience and my main challenge with IF.


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202. [Midlife Well-Being] Intermittent Fasting with Laurie Lewis
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