215. [Dear Lou] Family Tension Following Retirement

I'm excited to introduce a new format for this episode, "Dear Lou", where I'll be sharing questions from listeners or readers of Midlife Cues, as well as my responses. 

Our first 'Dear Lou' episode takes us into a story about the complexities of transitioning from a demanding career to retirement. I recently received an email from a listener about her sister, who recently retired and has started to become deeply involved in her grown children's lives, causing some family tension. In this episode, I'll share my response to "Concerned Sister" and my suggestions for how the family can address the underlying issue together. 

  • Any transition, including retirement, can feel like a rollercoaster ride and bring up unresolved issues.
  • Retirement can upend family dynamics, and it's important to discuss expectations and intentions within the family.
  • Ambition and drive do not disappear upon retirement. It just shows up differently and will need to be channeled into meaningful and challenging activities.


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215. [Dear Lou] Family Tension Following Retirement
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