220. Sustaining Our Drive and Ambition as We Get Older with Kathy Oneto

Do we stop being ambitious as we get older? What happens to the drive we've always had once we retire?

In this episode of Second Breaks, I explore ambition with Kathy Oneto, the founder of Sustainable Ambition and host of The Sustainable Ambition podcast. 

Kathy shares the results of her research and insights from numerous interviews on this topic. We explore the concept of maintaining ambition over time without self-sacrifice, the negative connotations of ambition, societal pressures, and the trap of ambition comparison. We talked about the application of ambition beyond a career and the shift from external to internal motivation.

Kathy also shares her personal connection to the topic and insights from her upcoming book, offering advice for those transitioning careers or nearing retirement. The episode highlights the need for intentionality in ambition and finding joy in life's small moments.

Kathy Oneto is a strategy executive and life-work coach who is passionate about helping people succeed on their terms at work and in life. Kathy champions being consciously ambitious and crafting fulfilling work from decade to decade without sacrificing your life or yourself.

  • Evolution of ambition
  • Perception of ambition and societal attitudes towards it
  • Unhealthy striving and its impact
  • Broader scope of ambition beyond career goals
  • Ambition in midlife and beyond
  • Strategies for sustaining our drive and ambition



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220. Sustaining Our Drive and Ambition as We Get Older with Kathy Oneto
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