(Un-Retirement) Basic Legal Stuff for Your New Post-Retirement Business

This episode is part of the special series on Un-Retirement.

Autumn Witt Boyd is an award-winning intellectual property lawyer who works with online business owners to protect their brand, content, and business.

When it comes to intellectual property and business strategies, Autumn is known as a thought leader in the online business community. She speaks frequently at conferences, seminars, and workshops and appears as a guest on podcasts hosted by other experts and business owners.

In this episode from the vault, Autumn gives tip after fabulous tip about the basic things we need to implement and consider when we're starting a new business. Especially for folks retiring from their corporate careers, this episode is an essential primer for any post-retirement business they may want to begin.

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(Un-Retirement) Basic Legal Stuff for Your New Post-Retirement Business
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