(Un-Retirement) A Well-Planned Transition to a Post-Retirement Career

This episode is part of the special series on Un-Retirement.

Mary Beth Simon retired from her long corporate career in December 2018. As planned, she started a consulting company in early 2019. Mary Beth is part of many Generation X and Boomers who aren’t interested in putting their feet up and playing golf all day post-retirement. She considers herself 100% retired from her corporate career, but that only means she now has all the time to devote to the next chapter in her professional life.

One of the things that struck me with Mary Beth’s experience was how she could make a smooth transition with little stress because she carefully planned for life after retirement long before she packed up her office.

In this episode from the vault, Mary Beth shared what sparked the idea for her unique consulting practice, how she fined tuned that idea so that it aligned with her vision for her next chapter, and where she focused her energy as she got it off the ground.

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(Un-Retirement) A Well-Planned Transition to a Post-Retirement Career
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