(Un-Retirement) To Retire Isn't The Right Goal

This episode is part of the special series on Un-Retirement.

Damion Lupo is a bestselling author in personal finance and money thinking, host of the Financial Underdogs podcast, owner of 30+ companies, and founder of his own martial art – Yokido®.

If there was one thing I remembered about our conversation, it was that Damion explained why he hated the word retirement. As I revisit this episode now, in the context of the Un-retirement series, I see how it’s even more relevant than ever and his points even more urgent for us midlifers to consider.

In this episode, Damion and I talked about the problem with the traditional retirement mindset, what wealth is and isn’t, and the idea of “booking it” or how not to postpone doing things until someday when we retire.

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(Un-Retirement) To Retire Isn't The Right Goal
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