Midlife is a time of unique transitions — from career changes and relationship shifts to health concerns and finding new purpose and meaning.  Join Lou Blaser on Second Breaks as she navigates the highs and lows of midlife with humor and heart. 

Featuring real-life stories and expert advice, consider this podcast your resource for handling unexpected turns and finding purpose in the second half of life. Tune in for practical tips, inspiration, and encouragement to help you thrive in the second half of life.

"Lou approaches her interviews from multiple perspectives and with such infectious curiosity. I come away feeling excited after each episode." 
★★★★★ Review

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212. How Our Definition of Success Change As We Get Older

In my younger years, I used to measure success based on external and quantifiable metrics. Job promotions, titles, salary, and material possessions were the yardsticks...

211. How Much Money is Enough to Be Happy in Retirement with Luke Mathers

If you ever thought that if you were set financially and money was no issue, you would retire immediately and just enjoy life, you might want to listen to this episode...

210. Retirement is Dead, Long Live Retirement (Modern Retirement, That Is!)

In this episode, we discuss the key themes and characteristics of modern retirement, as well as the changing attitudes towards work and purpose in midlife. We explore ...

209. The Modern Retiree Manifesto: A Framework for Retiring in the 21st Century

This week, we're wrapping up the special series on Modern Retirement. In previous episodes, we've talked about why reframing retirement is a necessary must-do. I've sh...

208. Beyond Financials: The Skills We Need To Navigate Retirement in the 21st Century

EPISODE SUMMARYThis is the third episode in our series on Modern Retirement in the 21st century. The traditional idea of retirement as a life of rest and leisure is no...

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