211. How Much Money is Enough to Be Happy in Retirement with Luke Mathers

If you ever thought that if you were set financially and money was no issue, you would retire immediately and just enjoy life, you might want to listen to this episode.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Luke Mathers, a two-time retiree and successful entrepreneur. Luke shares his experience of retiring at a young age, after selling his lucrative practice, and initially enjoying the freedom it afforded him. Despite being able to do whatever he wanted, Luke soon realized he was missing something in his life. He eventually returned to work and built a successful business before retiring again in 2020.

We discuss what drives happiness in retirement. We talk about the importance of finding purpose and passion in retirement, beyond financial security. And we explore the role of curiosity and experimentation to discover new interests.

  • Luke's realization that retirement wasn't as fulfilling as he imagined and his return to his profession
  • Luke's second retirement in 2020 and the importance of finding passion and purpose
  • The privilege of retirement and the opportunity to prioritize intrinsic rewards
  • The importance of finding purpose and motivation in retirement
  • The process of figuring out what to do next

Luke Mathers knows a thing or two about stress and is here to help us embrace life's challenges. As one of the original directors of Specsavers in Australia and was part of the biggest retail roll-out in Australia's history, the Specsavers team opened 100 stores in 100 days and transformed the industry. Luke is adamant that stress can be good for you, and he believes that high performers need to become stress teflon. He is here to show you how to make stress not stick. The author of three books, "Stress Teflon", "RESET", and "Curious Habits," Luke will help you get curious about how to thrive when the pressure is on.



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211. How Much Money is Enough to Be Happy in Retirement with Luke Mathers
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