213. [Curveball Series] When You're Forced to Retire From Your Corporate Career with Roberto Seif

"My entire profession changed drastically from one day to the other. And I started feeling like I didn't know where I fit anymore. I didn't know what I'm good at anymore."

Roberto Seif is a former innovation strategist who experienced forced retirement from his corporate career. Roberto's story is not uncommon in today's world, where companies frequently reorganize, cut positions, or even go under, often leaving employees without warning. This reality is particularly challenging as we get older, with the prospect of finding another job becoming increasingly difficult. This often necessitates a career pivot or complete reinvention to avoid retirement.

Roberto's story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the power of reinvention.

For over 20 years, Roberto Seif worked with top global corporations and consulting firms, including PwC, Unilever, Hyatt, and HDR, where he developed, launched, and managed multi-million dollar products and brands. Along the way, he reinvented his career nine times. At age 48, Roberto relaunched his career with a mission to help seasoned professionals reinvent the second half of their careers. As a Mid-Career Reinvention Coach, Roberto applies tools and principles from Design Thinking, Brand Strategy, and LEAN, to help his clients regain clarity, direction, and energy in their careers. He lives in Chicago with his wife and 2 daughters, ages 8 and 5.

  • Forced retirement and career reinvention
  • The emotional transition of a career change
  • The identity struggle following retirement (or leaving a successful career)
  • Making a career change and playing to strengths in midlife



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213. [Curveball Series] When You're Forced to Retire From Your Corporate Career with Roberto Seif
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